Local Services, Accommodation & Information

Mobile Phone Reception

Mobile phone reception is limited in most parts of Outback South Australia. We recommend obtaining a Telstra Next G service for coverage in these remote areas, where you will have coverage in Hawker, Leigh Creek or in higher elevated areas in Lyndhurst and Farina.

Road Conditions

Roads conditions in the area vary depending on season. The main roads in Hawker and surrounding areas are predominantly sealed however access roads are generally gravel / clay. Lyndhurst is the last of the sealed roads if you are heading North towards Marree and Lake Eyre.

We recommend you visit the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for the most up to date road conditions. Please click here for further information.

Lake Eyre Status / Information

For the current status of Lake Eyre and any other relevant information, we suggest you visit the Lake Eyre Yacht Club

 Or visit them at the Club House on the Oodnadatta Track in Marree Township

Hawker, South Australia


B&B’s (Hawker)

Meaney’s Rest (08) 8648 4404.

 Caravan Parks / Camping

Big 4 Caravan Park (08) 8648 4006.

Flinders Ranges Caravan Park (08) 8648 4266.

Hotels / Motels

Outback Chapmanton Motel and Holiday Units (08) 8648 4100.

Hawker Hotel Motel (08) 8648 4102.

Cradock Hotel (08) 8648 4212. (27 km south of Hawker).

 Station Stay’s

Worumba Station 30km East of Hawker (08) 8648 4037.

Flinders Bush Retreats 10 minutes East of Hawker (08) 8648 4441.

Food Outlets

The Old Ghan Restaurant Gallery (08) 8648 4176.

Hawker Hotel (08) 8648 4102.

Hawker General Store & P.O. (08) 8648 4005.

Outback Motel (groups only) (08) 8648 4100.

Cradock Pub (08) 8648 4212.