Sally, Christopher and I had a wonderful experience on Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you for making all the necessary arrangements.  Please also thank Alex for staying in the office after 5pm on Friday to process our payment. 

Josh was a great pilot – competent, informative, responsive to our questions and organised us well with a good balance between the need to be “on time” and the need for some flexibility.  While we thanked him personally on our return to Hawker yesterday, please let him know we have also sent this email with our thanks.

We saw (for us at least) some amazing sights and will now be busy sorting through the photos – but they don’t really do justice to what we saw and experienced during the two days.

Doug – and Sally and Christopher


Just a quick word of thanks for accommodating our tour group, with flights of Wilpena Pound.

Those who flew, really enjoyed the experience and marvelled at the ranges, which we drove through the following day.

We look forward to working with you again in the future